Propellor Not Impeller Key in New Boat Propulsion System

By George Backwell at November 10, 2012 05:52
Filed Under: Company News, Research & Development
A unique new propulsion system for boats was shown off for the first time at the recent Auckland On Water Boat Show. The Contrapel Hybrid Drive, the fruit of some eight years R&D, is claimed to be so advanced that it carries out all the functions of both propellors and water jets with none of the drawbacks of either. Notably it can continue operating in brown and black waters.Founder of the New Zealand company, Barry Davies, explains the technology succinctly: “ The Contrapel technology is a propeller system working above the waterline. Externally it resembles a traditional water-jet, however, internally the method for developing thrust has much more in common with conventional propeller systems.” Contrapel Propulsion System Units: Photo credit Contrapel Key to the system is a pair of contra-rotating, fully enclosed hybrid propellors (‘hybrid’ in the sense that they are composed of different things) that operate above the water line.  Their purpose is... [More]

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