Marine Diesel Test Engine Up & Running at MHI’s Nagasaki R&D Centre

By George Backwell at March 30, 2013 04:26
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One of the world’s largest four-cylinder two-stroke marine diesel test engines (the electronically-controlled 4UE-X3 with a bore diameter of 60 cm) has been installed and brought up to speed at MHI, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Nagasaki Research & Development Centre, where it thumps away producing data the Japanese marine engine manufacture needs to keep up with the leaders in a highly competitive business. MHI claims it is the only licensor among the top three in the world to carry out all of its own engine development, design and manufacturing. Marine Diesel Engine Test Plant MHI 4UE-X3: Photo courtesy of MHI Test Engine Features Main body structure: The main body (bed plate and column) uses a high rigidity, light-weight and simple single wall structure for simplicity of manufacture. The structure and thickness of the wall is optimized through FEM analysis using 3D modeling, etc. Combustion chambers: Bore cooled, high top land pistons are used to deal with the high h... [More]

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