Online Test of Lube Oil Keeps Check on Water Content

By George Backwell at February 20, 2011 21:56
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"Oil and water don't mix", was oftentimes muttered to explain a certain amount of tension between deck and engine-room personnel in days long past when low-tech ships were manned with far more crew than today. However, the saying is not entirely true as far as lube oil is concerned, since it contains added chemical emulsifiers and detergent, allowing water to mix, or dissolve in this type of oil: only after saturation point is reached will water content indeed finally become separated and then the familiar saying becomes true. These additives to cylinder lube in slow-speed diesel engines are necessary to neutralize acidic products of combustion and also to keep metal surfaces clean.The latest generation of marine diesel engines has higher firing pressures and better combustion characteristics to achieve thermal efficiency, fuel economy and reduced carbon emissions even when burning low-end bunkers, but  successful operation depends upon the quality of the lubricant. High moisture ... [More]

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