Cruise Ship 'Nordlys' – Fire Flare-up Enigma

By George Backwell at September 18, 2011 10:05
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Cruise ship Nordlys on a regular Hurtigruten scenic Norwegian coastal passage from Bergen to far-North Kirkenes with 262 passengers and crew on board, reported fire in the engine room last Thursday morning, 15, September not far (fortunately) from scheduled first port of call Ålesund, Norway, where she limped in to dock with smoke billowing from the funnel. Cruise Ship Nordlys About to Enter Ålesund: Photo credit – Olav Helge Matvik/Norwegian Coastal Administration   Olav Fjell  CEO of Hurtigruten described the fire as a tragedy (the chief engineer and a young assistant engineer were killed and a dozen or so injured). Which clearly it was, although had this major fire occurred later in the voyage, say with the ship beyond North Cape, a far greater disaster might have ensued. At all events, the fire raged on dockside in Ålesund until it was extinguished mid-afternoon, leaving the flooded hull with a threatening 22 degree list and shore pumps workin... [More]

Nuclear Waste Ship Patched-up in Nick of Time in North Sea

By George Backwell at January 10, 2011 02:55
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'Puma in trouble on its way back from Murmansk', Kjesti Album's headline news item set alarm bells ringing in Norway when it was published in the environmental online publication Naturvernvorbundet just before Christmas. Somewhat clandestinely, the Danish ship had sailed along Norway's north-west seaboard a week earlier to Murmansk, Russia, loaded with 333 tons of weapons-grade nuclear hazardous waste from a Serbian research facility. The 1994 built, 2120 dwt Puma attracted unwelcome publicity on the way back south from the Barents Sea, close by the northern coast of Norway, when crew were unable to stop the engine room flooding from a damaged sea-water inlet valve and assistance had to be called. Norwegians breathed a collective sigh of relief when they heard that all hazardous waste cargo had already been offloaded, but still the Puma was in danger of foundering in these icy waters off the coast of North Norway. Map: Courtesy of Hazardous Waste Trade to Russia... [More]

First HAM for Norwegian fishing industry

By Keith Henderson at October 03, 2010 16:44
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For more than 10 years the Viking cruise ferry MV Mariella has been successfully operating her four S.E.M.T. Pielstick 12VPC2.6.diesel engines with Humid Air Motor technology. This year the, Norwegian owned, purse seiner/trawler and factory vessel MV Kvannøy built in 2002, was converted to Humid Air Motor operation. NOx emissions were reduced by 61.3 per cent, a saving of 50 ton annually. The HAM system operates by saturating the incoming turbocharger charge air with sea water vapor before it enters the air box and then the combustion chambers. The result is a lower peak temperature in the combustion process thereby reducing NOx formation. The economic benefits of the change gives a theoretical payback time for the HAM retrofit of approx. 3 years. [More]

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