Maritime Route Optimisation Really Can Save Fuel Instantly at Low Cost

By George Backwell at July 27, 2013 05:17
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Weather forecasts are plentiful and readily available but there is very little information available to mariners about the ocean i.e. ocean currents, tides, waves and other phenomena. Tidetech was founded in order to fill this 'black hole' of oceanographic data by commercially creating data products to help improve the choice of routing of ships by making the most favourable use of tides and currents (weather conditions too) for the voyage in hand. Fuel savings at extremely low cost thus become available to the ship operators. Routing display, North Atlantic track: Image courtesy of Tidetech Tidetech has now teamed up up with Computer Aided Engineeringsoftware specialists NAPA to supply tidal current prediction data for route  optimisation, initially for South East Asia and UK–Europe. The companies decided to join hands after a successful three-months trial aboard a cruise ship using Tidetech’s Singapore and Malacca Straits models.This new agreement between Tidetech an... [More]

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