Marine Diesel Engine Overhaul: Engine Service Support Team Beats the Clock

By George Backwell at March 23, 2013 01:04
Filed Under: Engine overhauls, Marine Diesel Engines
Overhaul cylinder heads and liners; pistons and con rods; cam shafts; bearings; vibration dampers and injectors, and two turbocharger units after completely dismantling three of the marine diesel engines that power Dive Support Vessel (DSV) Rockwater 1, and get it all done within 18 days.  That would be a tall order for many firms in the engine service support business, but Royston’s nine-man team of engineers based in Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the North-East of England, worked day-and-night shifts without missing a beat to complete this first stage of the vessel’s 30,000-hour engine overhaul so that the  Subsea 7 offshore vessel was back to work on time after scheduled docking. Photo courtesy of Royston Ltd. While the team beavered away aboard the DSV in the Barrow-in-Furness dock, another six engineers machined components in the company’s nearby Newcastle workshop, a job that included servicing 27 cylinder heads and liners; fuel injectors; and a complete overh... [More]

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