Reducing particulates on older engines.

By Keith Henderson at June 16, 2010 11:20
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As emission requirements become stricter as the years pass, the question arises, what to do with older engines. The EPA Marine Engine Re manufacture Program introduces a law effective March 2008 to force operators of older ship engines to upgrade them to reduce emissions. The rules are rather limited, specifying that the improvement must reduce particulates (PM) by at least 25 per cent, that the engines concerned are commercial (not recreational) applications, manufactured after 1973, over 600kW, cylinder displacement under 30 liters and be a US flagged vessel. The upgrade only becomes compulsory if there is an EPA approved upgrade available and must be carried out at the next scheduled ‘re manufacturing event’ e.g. replacing cylinder liners. Changing many parts to effectively convert an old engine into a new model is usually not economic, nevertheless changing some parts can make a significant reduction in emissions. Although other ways to achieve the same end of reduced emissions are changing fuels, fuel additives or adopting an after treatment system.

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