Intelligent Combustion Monitoring

By Keith Henderson at November 15, 2010 15:34
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Wärtsilä has announced the introduction of an Intelligent Combustion Monitoring system (ICM) for its two stroke engines extending the present Wärtsilä family of condition monitoring devices to provide a performance and condition monitoring solution. The system will be introduced in three stages: initially as a reporting service, then in 2011 it will link with RT-flex engines and lastly it will be linked to the RTA engines. ICM strength as a monitoring system in that it measures combustion pressure against crank angle / piston position for each stroke of each cylinder to give a very accurate report of the combustion process. Earlier this year ABB and Wärtsilä signed a co-operation and distribution agreement for the ABB Cylmate monitoring system which integrates with the ICM. [More]

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