Frisian Solar Challenge

By Keith Henderson at July 12, 2010 05:48
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Last week the Third Frisian Solar Challenge took place in the Netherlands with
the competitors covering a 137 mile (220 km) course over a six day period. There
were a total of 40 teams comprising mainly technical colleges and universities
from eight countries with the furthest one coming from Brazil. The solar boat
race is divided into three classes: class A class for one-person boats, class B
class for two-person boats, and the open or Top class C may have a crew of any
size. To keep costs down, entries in the A and B classes are loaned solar
panels, the Top class is free to use as many panels as they wish limited in
practice to the vessel’s overall dimensions and a max power limit of 1750W. On
board battery storage with a maximum capacity of 1kWh is permitted. The overall
winner of class A was Team Sunrise (Netherlands) completing the course in 16hrs
06 mins at an average speed of 8.5mph, class B Energa Solar II (Poland) in 19hrs
25mins with an average of 7 mph and Top class Private Energy Solarboatteam
(Netherlands) in 11hrs 26mins averaging 12 mph [More]

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