Icebreaking with Thordon Seawater Lubricated Prop-shaft Bearings

By George Backwell at April 17, 2011 07:08
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Polar Star: USCG photograph   USCG icebreaker Polar Star, one of the world’s most powerful non-nuclear fuelled, will continue in service with well-proven Thordon (of Canada) seawater lubricated propellor shafts by the time she returns to service in December 2012 after a USD 62-million refit and upgrade program in the Todd Pacific Shipyard in Seattle. Why a seawater lubrication system when most ships rely on a conventional oil lubrication system to protect stern-tube bearings?Icebreaking Stresses the Propellor ShaftForging a passage through polar pack-ice of necessity causes the propellor to impact with chunks of ice that cause bending moments in the propellor shaft, which in turn stress the stern tube bearings and shaft seals; when the outboard stern tube seal fails, lubricating oil leaks out to pollute pristine polar waters. (So-called ‘biodegradable lube-oil’ fails to deliver its promise in such sun-starved high-latttitudes and toxic substances in the lubrica... [More]

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