New Allianz Study: Worldwide more than 100 ship’s lost

By Peter Pospiech at November 07, 2013 06:00
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Main reasons are cost pressure and poor education During the last year 106 vessels have been sunken according to accidents at sea or have been damaged so badly on the global oceans that they had to be scrapped. Main reasons are, according a study, fatigue, cost pressure and an unsatisfactory education. In comparison with last year the number of unsuccessful vessels increased by 15 (effective date: 25. of November). Recently this was published by the Allianz-Insurance group in Munich, Germany. The most spectacular disaster was the average of the Costa Concordia on 11. of January 2012 with 32 dead. Much more human beings died at the sunk of the ferry Rabaul Queen next to Papua New Guinea on Feb. 2. with more than 110 dead.  But the most heavily averaged vessels are freighter. One main reason for the fatal disaster on sea is human error, says the study. “A number of shipping companies, particularly in the very strong competitive segment of bulker or tanker, cannot afford anymor... [More]

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