Israeli Naval waits for NEPTUN

By Peter Pospiech at March 19, 2013 11:22
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Three units will be built in Kiel – Each submarine costs around 300 Million EURO  Submarines “Made in Germany” are also and thus heavily asked for from foreign countries. Also Israel is an important customer for the German defence technology.  The new build of three submarines for the Israeli Naval runs forward with bounding strides in Kiel. 13 month after the type boat “TANIN” swam on March 11. also the “RAHAV”, the second boat of type “DOLPHIN AIP”, at ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, TKMS (former HDW), and made its first short trip in the port of Kiel. “RAHAV” means translated “NEPTUN”. The RAHAV during manufaturing in Kiel TKMS-Shipyard This three at HDW ordered submarines of type “Dolphin AIP” are a further development of the 1998 til 2000 in Kiel and Emden build boats for the Israeli Naval. They now feature 68 meter in length and are increased to 2200 tons. The new boats feature addit... [More]

Superyacht Mothership for Triton Deep Submersible Unveiled by Bury Design

By George Backwell at November 13, 2011 03:59
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Australian design studio Bury Design was commissioned by Triton Submarines, a respected commercial submarine manufacturer located in Florida, to come up with a different kind of superyacht;  an ocean-going mothership capable of carrying and launching a Triton 3300/2 submersible anywhere in the world. In superyacht parlance, appendages for excursions away from the yacht (jet skis for instance) are euphemistically termed ‘Toys’ and this submersible is some toy indeed. Weighing in at only 8820 lbs (4000 kg) yet able to take two people down as far as 3300 ft (1000 m) to view the wonders of the deep through its clear acrylic spherical dome for up to ten hours of battery-powered underwater exploration. Superyacht Mothership BD 95: Image credit Bury Design The Bury Design 95 The tag ’95’ refers to the length in feet (28.95 m) of the mothership, which in comparison to a 14.8 ft (4.5 m) breadth reveals a slim hull profile that brings the benefits of low power... [More]

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