Diesel Engine Idle to Full Load Time Halved by Intelligent Valve Train

By George Backwell at January 24, 2014 23:28
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One of the  new tools that engine builders are using these days to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is Valve Control Management (VCM), ABB’s variable valve train system, more so since duel-fuel engines become an increasingly popular choice by ship-owners. Valve Control Management System (VCM): Image courtesy of ABBInitially introduced in the shore-based gas plant sector, Christoph Rofka, Senior General Manager for New Business at ABB conjectured at that time and with an eye to the future:  “A technology like this speaks to the increasing trend to explore dual-fuel options and create solutions for gas. These engines are also very similar to what you find on many ships, and we believe that VCM will very soon be highly relevant for and effective in the marine industry.”Basically the technology helps a turbocharger to manage air actively, and is particularly effective for high-performance engines in which large operating ranges or rapid load ... [More]

Variable Valve Timing And Lift On Four Stroke Diesels

By Keith Henderson at November 10, 2011 06:02
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Valve Control Management (VCM) is the name of a system under development by ABB Turbocharging, Switzerland and engine component specialist Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG , Germany. It offers engine manufacturers a breakthrough technology for attaining low NOx emissions, optimal fuel efficiency and increased power density. Aimed at four stroke diesel and gas engines above 400 kW output, it’s an advanced variable valve train system, that allows variation of both valve timing and lift, reducing harmful exhaust emissions and allowing engine performance to be adapted to the operating profile of a given engine application.. [More]

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