Two VSP for work boat with X-BOW design

By Peter Pospiech at March 27, 2013 08:42
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The "Siem Moxie", an infield support vessel (ISV), will be put into operation in spring 2014. She is the first work boat with the Ulstein-designed X-BOW to be fitted with two Voith Schneider Propellers (VSP).   X-BOW vessels are characterised by the absence of a bulbous bow. Their bow slopes backwards above the water line which results in reduced resistance and improved wave slamming characteristics on the foreship. Since 2006, forty vessels with the X-BOW design developed by the Norwegian vessel designer Ulstein Design AS have been delivered or are currently being built. One of them is the "Siem Moxie".   The Siem Moxie: First infield support vessel with the X-Bow Design and with Voith drive system.   Designed for specific tasks in wind farms in the North Sea as well as in the Atlantic, the work boat with a length of 74 meters and a beam of 17 meters will be the first X-BOW vessel equipped with Voith Schneider Propellers. The "Siem Moxie" will be fitted with two electr... [More]

Electronic Control System Tugboat Turns on a Dime

By George Backwell at November 17, 2012 03:50
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A tugboat commissioned by a Japanese operator is the first to be fitted with a fully electronic control system uniquely installed on the rotor casing foundation of its Voith Schneider Propellor propulsion unit. An arrangement that not only saves space, but also simplifies maintenance and increases reliability.The new Voith Water Tractor (VWT) ‘Shinano’, designed for harbour assistance and escort duties, was constructed by Niigata Shipbuilding based in Niigata, Japan, for owner Dr. Nakamura, who operates his fleet of tugs in the port city of Iwaki. Voith Water Tractor ‘Shinano’: Photo credit Voith TurboVoith Electronic Control SystemThis first installation of a fully electronic control system in a VWT, now integrated into the propulsion system, offers actuation and control of the propulsion systems, remote diagnostics via the Internet and communication through an embedded CAN networks. (The CAN bus – Controller Area Network – is designed to allow mic... [More]

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