Volvo Penta Debuts New D8 Diesel Engine & IPS

By Greg Trauthwein at June 14, 2016 13:33
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Ever since the global financial meltdown of 2008 briefly crippled the world leisure boat market, Volvo Penta adopted a strategy to increase its commercial market share with its family of innovative propulsion systems and controls. Last week off the west coast of Sweden, Maritime Reporter & Engineering News got up close and personal with the new D8 diesel and IPS15 pod, as well as the full range of command and control products courtesy of a day of test drives at Krossholmen, Volvo Penta’s Global Marine Testing Center. By Greg Trauthwein [More]

Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit System Links Boat Driveline & Navigation

By George Backwell at August 02, 2013 23:48
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‘Glass cockpit system’  – though a term likely not familiar to sailors – was chosen by Volvo Penta to describe a new driveline and navigation display system, which they say changes the design of the boat driver’s environment from scratch. Basically, ‘glass cockpit’, as understood by aviators, features a large LCD or LED electronic instrument display on a single screen that can be adjusted to show information of interest from flight management systems;  a development designed to allow pilots to put their focus on only the most pertinent information rather than on numerous mechanically linked dials and gauges. This is the concept Volvo Penta has developed and ‘sailorized’ in conjunction with Garmin International’s marine business segment.Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit Information & Control System: Rendering courtesy of Volvo Penta Offered in 8-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch multi-function display or a 15-inch, 17-inch and 19... [More]

Volvo Penta Powered Test Boat Sets Off on Truly Testing Voyage

By George Backwell at June 08, 2013 05:33
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Volvo Penta test boat PTA80 is off to show the Swedish manufacturer’s flag on a 27-day, 1,850 nautical mile English Channel odyssey from its Gothenburg Marine Centre-base. The long-distance voyage of the 22 meter boat, with its new twin IPS 900 pod propulsion system, comprises seven legs with six stopovers at Volvo Penta Centres in harbours along the way for a presentation and display of this agile vessel, and includes an appearance at Southampton’s Seawork 2013 exhibition on 24, June. More on the boat and its propulsion follows below. Test Boat PTA80: Photo courtesy of Volvo Penta Main Particulars:Boat type: PTA80Owner: Volvo Penta Marine Test CenterLength OA: 22 metersBeam: 5.2 metersEngines: 2 x Volvo Penta D13-700 DST, 2 x700 hp Propulsion: Volvo Penta IPS900 Rating 3 Displacement: 36 tonsTop speed: 27 knotsD13 Engines Now Certified for EPS Tier 3Volvo Penta says that the D13 engine powering the craft, is the same engine that is currently in operation in more than 450,0... [More]

Up to 90 percent less NOx in new inland waterway tanker

By Peter Pospiech at January 11, 2013 06:56
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Recently the MTS Duandra was launched in Benelux as the world’s first semi-hybrid inland waterway tanker built by Shipyard Trico B.V. This ship uses Volvo Penta diesel engines for both propulsion and generator set that helps to reduce emissions significantly.The two standard Volvo Penta D16 MG Gensets on MTS Duandra generate power for on-board electricity, thruster, cargo pumps and two electric engines which are part of the propulsion system. With its dimensions of 110 m length, 16.20 m width the tanker can load 6060 tons.   This setup reduces the total installed diesel power on-board the Duandra with approximately 30% compared to a conventionally built ship. The savings made were used to invest in the extra electric equipment and as well to invest in catalytic converter and particulate filter on all the D16 engines on-board. By using this technique the NOx emissions are reduced by approximately 70 to 90% and particulates are reduced by about 40%. The propulsion system cons... [More]

New Coast Guard Class For Sweden

By Keith Henderson at June 26, 2012 08:13
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The first of a fleet of five vessels for the Swedish Coast Guard Service was recently delivered to the port of Falkenburg, west Sweden with a further four under construction at Baltic Workboats AS, Estonia . The multi-role vessels have an LOA of 90 ft and have a triple pod propulsion system comprising three Volvo Penta IPS 1050 steerable pod drives with D13-800 diesels each rated at 800 hp at 2,000 rpm (Rating 4 - light commercial application). Synchronisaton and control of the three engines and drives is carried out by the electronic EVC-E system which is connected to an Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System (IAMCS) through a newly developed from a Volvo Penta interface. In addition to extremely good maneuverability using a joystick command for both speed and docking, a major benefit of IPS is reduced fuel consumption with savings of up to 30 per cent claimed by the manufacturers. [More]

Pilot Boat with IPS

By Keith Henderson at May 08, 2012 06:59
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The Volvo Penta IPS steerable pod drive introduced in 2004, is well known in recreational applications. Light commercial ratings for the drives has widened the appeal of this type of propulsion system to workboat applications. Volvo Penta is claims performance improvements of an increase in top speed of up to 6 kn and an improvement in fuel consumption of up to 30 per cent at cruising speed! The considerable benefits in a recreational application become major through life operational cost savings in a commercial environment. Recently Alu Marine, France introduced a new 1200 Pilot Boat, designed by Geronimo Naval Design office powered by twin IPS 450s. The 39 ft (12 m) LOA hull has twin Volvo Penta D6 engines rated at 330 mhp (243 kW). Cruising speed is 30 kn and the top speed is 35 kn [More]

Volvo Penta Pod-drive Boat Sails for IMDS Show & Baltic Sea Odyssey

By George Backwell at June 25, 2011 21:41
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The patrol-craft PTA80 set off from Gothenburg, Sweden on 16, June 2011 to prove itself over a twenty-nine day trip around the Baltic Sea propelled by the latest inboard pod-drive from Volvo Penta, the IPS1050 twin. Seven ports in five different countries are to be visited by the test boat in the course of the 2,096 nm odyssey, including a highlight week at St. Petersburg in Russia for this year’s International Marine Defense Show (IMDS) where PTA80 will join an international fleet of some forty display craft of various sizes. PTA80 Patrol Craft: Photo credit Volvo Penta Pod Drives The pod drive is a relatively new innovation for recreational and work boats, so a brief explanation may be in order before continuing. In a sense like their big pod relatives, the azimuth pods that are commonplace in present-day cruise ships, these systems for much smaller vessels consist of pods with propellors slung below the craft (driven by inboard engines) and computer controlled to produce... [More]

New England Boat Show Warms Up Northeast With Hottest Boats And Technologies

By Sachin Gupta at February 25, 2011 05:46
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Get an exclusive look at the newest boats, cutting edge technologies and must-have accessories at the 55th annual New England Boat Show, the region’s premier boating event, as exhibitors come together and turn the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center into a marine marketplace Feb. 26-March 6. [More]

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