Engine Waste Heat Recovery: Latest MAN PTS-PTG System

By George Backwell at February 07, 2014 21:03
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High fuel oil saving potential with reduced auxiliary engine running hours can be achieved with latest waste heat recovery system [More]

Marine Diesel Engine Auxiliaries – ‘Waste Not, Want Not' Principle

By George Backwell at April 19, 2013 23:20
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Waste heat from auxiliary marine diesel engines had not been considered much worth thinking about in the past, but times change; a significant amount of energy can now be utilised from the auxiliaries to supplement steam requirements during port stays, and also for some vessels during voyage. With high bunker prices and in challenging economic times for the shipping industry as a whole every single saved dollar counts: witness United Arab Shipping’s recent decision to retrofit all forty-eight ships in its fleet with the latest Alfa Laval Aalborg XS-TC7A auxiliary engine waste heat recovery systems. Container Ship 'Umm Salal': Photo courtesy of United Arab Shipping Company With its small footprint and the lowest possible weight to output ratio, the Aalborg XS-TC7A economiser optimises the use of waste heat from the auxiliary engine exhaust gases during voyage and port stays. When used in combination with a waste heat recovery system installed after the main engine, the Aalborg XS-... [More]

Marine Diesel Engine Waste Heat Recovery System on Car Carrier Trial

By George Backwell at August 25, 2012 07:14
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A system that puts waste heat from main engine plant to productive use by adding to ship's electrical supply has been installed by Swedish manufacturers Opcon Marine aboard  Wallenius Lines' car/truck carrier MV Figaro, and is reportedly being tested and fine-tuned. This fuel-saving technology is suitable for marine diesel engines sized 5 MW and upwards, and promises typical bunker savings on a 15 MW engined vessel of between 5 and 10 percent. Energy Sources and Electrical Power Schematic: Image courtsesy of Opcon Marine Opcon Powerbox Offers Two WHR SystemsPowerbox utilises waste heat recovery (WHR) by means of two separate technologies, and both have been installed in the machinery space of MV Figaro. Opcon Powerbox WST (Wet Steam Turbine), is a special type of steam turbine that generates electricity from wet or saturated steam that does not require overheating, unlike other, more conventional steam turbines. Opcon Powerbox ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle), utilises low-v... [More]

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