Wing-in-Gound Effect Craft – Korean Shipbuilders Believe Future is Here

By George Backwell at March 31, 2012 22:18
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Wing-in-Ground (WIG) craft development took a firm step forward with the recent announcement that two Korean companies –  Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) and Wing Ship Technology Corp –   are to co-operate to make production of WIG craft a viable operating and commercial proposition. The offshore support vessel market is in their sights, and they also have plans to develop a 200-seat WIG craft for military use. Wing Ship Technology successfully produced their 50-seat prototype WSH-500 (classed by Lloyd’s Register) late last year with $6.3 million funding assistance from DSME. Wing-in-Ground Effect Craft WSH-500: Photo courtesy of Wing Ship Technology Corp. WIG Concept & Maritime SafetyA WIG craft is a vessel capable of operating completely above the surface of the water on a dynamic air-cushion. The 'ground effect' refers to what a pilot (commonly passengers too ) feels when landing a large aircraft – just before touchd... [More]

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