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By Keith Henderson at December 16, 2010 08:08
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Twenty five per cent of the surface are of the city of Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands is  occupied by water. The canals that make up the charm of this old city mean that there is not so much room for circulation of automobiles and even less for trucks. Although the canals were used extensively if not exclusively as the means of transport of people and freight in the city, after the introduction of the internal combustion engine transport by water became less and less frequent.

In a move to change this, a company by name of Mokum Mari Team, has introduced a city delivery service by boat aimed at commercial businesses.

Using a specially constructed barge type vessel of 20 m length and beam 4.25 m, it operates silently and without emissions powered by a 52kW electric motor running on batteries that are charged overnight. There are two 35 kW onboard diesel genset in case the batteries’ eight to ten hour capacity is exceeded.

The vessel’s capacity is 38 pallets, equal to three or four delivery tucks used in the small city streets. To load and discharge the cargo, there is a 17 ton hydraulic crane able to pick up a pallet or goods and place it on the street beside the canal. Some commercial properties, especially the older ones already have a delivery window at canal level able to receive freight straight from a barge.

It is hoped that this service will become a commercial success and that the fleet of delivery vessels will expand in the future, reducing the road traffic congestion and associated pollution.


Amsterdam Canal Delivery Service barge Mokum Mariteam ( image credit: Mokum Mariteam)

Stern view of the barge showing capacity (image credit: Mokum Mariteam)

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