Avtron Upgrades T/S State of Michigan

By Jocelyn Redfern at November 03, 2010 16:55
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Avtron recently upgraded the T/S State of Michigan propulsion system with an Avtron ADD-32 Electric Drive System. The T/S State of Michigan is a 224 ft. ex-T-AGOS vessel currently used by the Great Lakes  Maritime Academy (GLMA) as a training vessel. After serving as surveillance vessels for the U.S. Military through the ‘80s and ‘90s, many T-AGOS class ships have been reassigned for research and training purposes. The existing analog drive system was obsolete and unsupportable. As part of this project, the GLMA upgraded both the machinery monitoring alarm system and the electric drive propulsion system.

GLMA purchased new Avtron digital controls for the port/starboard propulsion and bow thruster drives. Avtron also supplied new field supplies, new PLC hardware and control logic, and an Ethernet interface for remote communication and fast diagnostic capabilities. Avtron’s field service engineers assisted with installation and provided the start up, commissioning, sea trials, and training for the new system. Avtron’s history of long term support and 24/7/365 service will enable the GLMA to operate the T/S State of Michigan reliably for years to come.

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