Balance of Power Favours New Hi-tech North Sea Fishing Trawler

By George Backwell at December 06, 2013 22:37
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A 600 kW/cyl MAN 6L32/44CR main engine is to be installed in a new North Sea fishing purse-seiner/trawler, the first ever common rail engine to be installed in a vessel of this type in the Norwegian commercial fishing sector, according to engine builders MAN Diesel and Turbo.

Graphic rendering of the Kvannøy (courtesy Hansen Dahl)

A widely-used engine in merchant ships, the 32/44CR marine diesel engine was the manufacturer’s first all-electronic four-stroke engine, launched in 2006 to supplement the popular 32/40 series with a CR fuel- injected derivative. 

The six-cylinder version 32/44 engine (32 cm bore/44 cm stroke) is rated at 3,600 kW and uses the latest MAN Diesel & Turbo common rail technology to enable the flexible setting of injection timing, duration and pressure for each cylinder. Thus fuel consumption and emissions may be optimised at any point on the operating profile.

Norwegian shipping company, Nyholmen AS has chosen a system for their new 77.25-m (253.4 ft) Kvannøy that includes two MAN 9L16/24 GenSets (each delivering 940 kWe) that will deliver auxiliary power for a hybrid propulsion system. Altogether a remarkably powerful setup, and also the first time, MAN say, that medium-speed powered GenSets have been employed aboard a fishing vessel of this kind.

Kvannøy is specified to run on marine diesel oil (MSD/MDO) though of course the 32/44CRs robust and proven common-rail injection system is basically designed for operation using far more demanding  heavy fuel oil (HFO).

Included in the propulsion package is the manufacturer’s Alpha VBS1020 propeller (ø4,200 mm) with an AHT propeller nozzle and an option for a rudder bulb. MAN Diesel & Turbo will also supply its newly developed Alphatronic 3000 propulsion control system, including the ECO Speed Pilot for optimal voyage planning and speed setting.

Hybrid Propulsion

Hybrid propulsion systems combine electric propulsion and diesel drive and enable ships with variable power requirements to run at high propeller efficiency.

3D representation of the Kvannøy’s hybrid propulsion system showing the MAN Alpha VBS1020 propeller with AHT propeller nozzle, MAN 6L32/44CR main engine and 2 × MAN 9L16/24 GenSets (Courtesy of MAN Diesel & Turbo)

A large number of operational modes are available, which enable engines and propellers to run optimally over a wide power range. In hybrid PTH/Boost mode the main propulsion is powered by the diesel engine, with an option for electric propulsion for emergency mode or as a boost mode. In this configuration the installed electric power should meet the minimum requirement to bring the ship back into port. This is of no small consideration for a vessel that will operate year-in, year-out, in the brawling northern reaches of the North Atlantic.

The new ship will be constructed at the Karstensens shipyard in Skagen, Denmark and is due for delivery in June 2015.



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