Boaters’ New Adjustable LED Tell-tale

By George Backwell at December 22, 2012 03:56
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Boat trim tabs, drives, jackplates, rudder indicators, water and fluid levels, all are covered by a new range of adjustable LED indicators from US-based Livorsi Marine of Grayslake, Illinois. These state-of-the-art indicators are capable of reading CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus protocols such as SmartCraft® (with Gateway), NMEA 2000® and J1939, as well as 0-5 volt or resistive-type (ohms) inputs.

Sometimes described as a ‘gateway’ (and also as the ‘SmartCraft’ system by Mercury and other manufacturers) NMEA 2000®  is an open protocol used by a number of different gauge and systems manufacturers – a combined electrical and data network for communication between the marine electronic devices mentioned above as well as many others.

Green Light Zone

Adjustable Position LED (Vertical) Indicator: Photo credit Livorsi Marine

Uniquely, Livorsi’s Adjustable Position LED indicators can be programmed to show a green coloured  50% set point no matter what is being monitored. Alternatively, for instance, the optimum position for trim tab settings can be ‘green lighted’ to spotlight a boat’s most efficient running condition. By having a mid-point setting the indicator can more accurately track the entire range of operation, giving more resolution than if calibrated to show only high and low points; particularly important for accurate readings if the indicator is set to work with a non-linear sender.

The LED indicators can also eliminate the need for mechanical 33C cables which are typically used for drive and tab indication. These cables have a tendency to deteriorate, will fail over time, and are inaccurate due to lost cable motion. With the Livorsi LED indicators, mechanical cables are replaced by more reliable network wiring that allows 'plug ’n play' connectivity into existing tab or drive position sensors.

These indicators can also transmit received information via the CAN bus to other compatible displays such as Garmin, Lowrance or Raymarine via NMEA 2000® , SmartCraft (with Gateway) or J1939 protocols. If your boat is already transmitting (Tx) NMEA 2000® data (tabs, drives, fuel level, water level, rudder angle, etc.), simply plug the indicator into the NMEA 2000® backbone to begin displaying the desired feature on the indicator.

The super bright LED’s can be seen in direct sunlight even with polarized sunglasses. With a range of 250 brightness intensity levels, the best view possible is guaranteed whether by day or night. This is accomplished by the use of an ambient light sensor which provides automatic adjustment of the LED brightness according to available light conditions.

Baja 26 Outlaw speedboat: Photo credit Baja Marine

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