DEUTZ introduces with the TCD2015M a new generation of marine engines

By Peter Pospiech at August 23, 2012 03:49
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After long years of absence the founder of combustion engines, the famous DEUTZ Company, comes with a new electronically / mechanically controlled diesel engine for marine application back on the market. The new TCD 2015 M has been developed based on its predecessor the 1015M. The already existing robust base design has been strengthened, the thermodynamics optimized and an electronically controlled injection system has been applied.
The TCD 2015M comes as a six-cylinder unit in 90 degrees v-configuration with a total displacement of 11.9 l and as an eight-cylinder version with a total displacement of 15.9 l. Bore and stroke are of 132 by 145 mm which results in a displacement per cylinder of 2 l. Like all marine engines from DEUTZ, also the new development fulfills the stringent marine specific application requirements of the classification societies. Water-cooled exhaust manifolds and turbo-charger, double-walled injection lines, switchable fuel-filter and keel or raw-water cooling systems are essential features the engine has. The new engines are available as main as well as gen-set drives, with a wide range of variants and with variable and or constant speed.

The new DEUTZ TCD 2015M (image shows the V-8 unit with max output of 500 kW at 2.100 rpm)

The strengthened powertrain, with an intensified cylinder cooling, ends in remarkable 360 kW for the six and 500 kW for the eight cylinder unit at their rated speed of 2.100 rpm. The 100%-power can be taken from each end of the crankshaft. Two additional gear driven PTO’s with a total maximum torque of 400Nm offer the customer further possibilities. Maximum torque of the six-cylinder is of 1.950 Nm and 2.650 Nm at the v-eight. The specific fuel consumption is, according to the company, at its best point of 206 g/kWh. All mandatory exhaust emission limit values are adhered, says DEUTZ.
The injection system is of the companies proven electronically / mechanically solenoid valve system which has been developed over 10 years ago. According to the company is the injection system particularly robust also for fuels which do not necessarily fulfill the high requirements acc to the European standard EN590. The engine lubricated single injection pumps are insensitive against sulfurous fuels and hence suitable for marine application with their often poor fuel qualities.

Technical data of the new TCD 2015M

Power and torque curves of the TCD2015 V6M and the TCD2015 V8M engines

Because of the CAN-bus based engine management-system EMR 3, the engine can be easily integrated into existing modern electronically controlled ship propulsion systems. Charge air cooler are integrated into the engines cooling system. Additional cooling water pumps are not required because of the integrated gear driven pumps for fresh water as well as for raw water.
Particularly for the new engine TCD 2015M a new DEUTZ Marine Control System (DEUTZ MCS) has been introduced, the company says. The DEUTZ MCS is a modern also CAN-bus based alarm and safety system with class approval. Beside the control of a safe engine operation offers the DEUTZ MCS a local drive panel with high-resolution touch-screen LCD panel. Also important engine documents and operation manuals as well as a workshop manual are available by this system. The new engine can be delivered with all major gearboxes, flanged or loose.

Image and graphs: by courtesy of DEUTZ AG


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