DNV Quantum 9000 Concept Container Ship

By Keith Henderson at March 15, 2011 04:47
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Last year, DNV introduced an innovative container ship design called Quantum. It was a 6,200 TEU vessel with an operating speed of 21 kn but with the ability to operate at higher or lower speeds without penalties. The proposed propulsion system was electric drive with twin steerable Azipods. The electrical power was produced by four dual fuel diesel/LNG gensets with the flexibility to (partially) replace them in the future with fuel cells. Such foresight into meeting the changes in emissions, technology and legislation is required as the ship’s life may well be 25+ years.

Yesterday in London, one year later, DNV announce the new Quantum 9000 concept container ship. Considerably larger than Quantum, the new 9000 model has a design speed of 22 kn and target capacity of 9,000 TEU yet will be able to use the post 2014 Panama Canal, opening up routes from East Asia to both the west and east coast ports in USA.

Teaming with MAN Diesel & Turbo, the larger ship is powered by a single slow speed dual fuel HFO/LNG two stroke engine such as the 9S80ME-C9.2-GI rated at 40 MW at 78 rpm, driving a single four bladed propeller. An Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system on the engine reduces NOx emissions substantially and the addition of a Waste Heat Recovery (WHR) system improves overall efficiency. Estimated time to refuel the 6,500 m3 LNG held in two C-type tanks is eight hours: the HFO capacity is 4,000 tons.

The hull design uses a twin island layout which gives an increase in cargo capacity by 10 - 13 per cent with better load distribution: the propeller shaft is shorter and visibility from the bridge is improved. The increased beam eliminates the need for ballast water for stability and allows a shorter ship with reduced bending moment.

The payback time for the increased cost of this ship with all its features is estimated to be five to eight years depending on the cost of fuel.


Caption: DNV's Quantum 9000 TEU Concept Container Ship
Image Credit: © DNV/DNV


Caption: DNV Quantum 9000 cutaway showing location of LNG tank (midships) and HFO tank beside engine room (aft).
Image Credit: © DNV/DNV

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This concept is maybe nice but to live above a big LNG tank thats another question.

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