Diesel Manufacturer MTU Makes More Than Prime Movers

By Edward Lundquist at March 28, 2011 22:17
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Diesel manufacturer MTU makes more than prime movers.  In addition to engines, MTU contributes a variety of components to naval propulsion systems, according to Tom Lewis, MTU’s senior manager for marine defense.

MTU not only designs and builds diesel engines but also has a fairly large electronics and automation department that designs and builds all of the engine control units and automation system components,” Lewis says.  “Other key technologies that MTU handles in-house are turbo charger design and manufacture and fuel injection system design and manufacture. Additionally, MTU is working with various exhaust gas after treatment system suppliers to develop new technologies to meet the stringent emissions standards coming into effect in the next few years.”

Lewis says MTU can supply an integrated propulsion solution for various types of vessels. “Whether the customer requires just a diesel engine for a vessel or requires a totally integrated package MTU can supply it. MTU has established working relationships with numerous suppliers of reduction gears, propulsors (propellers, water-jets, surface drives, Z-Drives, etc.), line-shaft bearings, shaft seals and numerous other pieces of hardware allowing us to supply and integrated package to the end customer. MTU also can assist with installation, testing and trials of the system supplied.”

MTU offers a “platform management system,” Lewis says.
“MTU’s Callosum automation system provides monitoring and control for shipboard systems. Using a combination of proprietary hardware for monitoring of propulsion diesels, along with commercial off the shelf (COTS), open architecture PLC hardware for control and monitoring of other ship systems, Callosum provides a scalable automation platform for any size of vessel. The Callosum platform uses a distributed architecture to locate data acquisition hardware close to sensors to reduce the amount of required shipboard cabling. Callosum also has optional modules for embedded training, damage control and maintenance management in addition to the core integrated monitoring and control,” he says.

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