Diesel electric hybrid propulsion for wokboats

By Keith Henderson at November 19, 2010 05:53
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Taking a proven technology from one application and transferring it to another can provide substantial savings in development time and costs and open up the technology to new markets. That’s what Siemens Marine Solutions has done with their diesel electric hybrid drive called Siship Ecoprop. The concept is far from new but what is rewarding is that Siemens has taken a proven system from their commercial vehicle hybrid drive to deliver a completely integrated solution for marine applications. No longer has the designer to put the system together using components from several sources, it’s a one stop shop for the Siemens system!

Diesel electric drives have been around for over a century but this drive uses the latest control technology to produce a system targeted at smaller vessels such as workboats, patrol vessels, ferries, superyachts etc., needing propulsion motors in the range 100 to 800 kW.

The propulsion system offers four modes of operation and is controlled and managed automatically by the system.

In diesel mode, a diesel propulsion engine(s) drives the propeller mechanically through a gearbox that has a PTO also driving a generator/motor. Forward propulsion and battery charging takes place simultaneously.

In battery mode, electricity from the batteries power an electric motor/generator turning the propeller via the mechanical gearbox. The batteries are charged from the main propulsion diesels running the motor/generators, or from an onboard genset, or from a shore supply when alongside (cold ironing). Stationary diesel engines are de-clutched.

In electro mode, the onboard genset provides power to the electric motor/generator turning the propeller via the mechanical gearbox.

In hybrid mode both electric motor/generator(s) and the propulsion diesel(s) supply power to the propeller(s) via the mechanical gearbox.

The Siship Ecoprop has already logged two successes: the recreational 44m Green Voyager superyacht design and a new commercial ferry from the DutchBshipyard Grave.



Block diagram of the Siemens Siship Ecoprop system.

[Credit: Siemens AG]




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