First LNG fast ro-pax ferry ordered

By Keith Henderson at November 25, 2010 10:26
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The Australian shipyard and builders of high speed catamaran vessels Incat, has announce they are to build the world’s first high speed passenger Ro-Ro ferry to be powered by gas turbines running on LNG. Details of the owner and the route(s) to be operated have not yet been released.

The wave piercing catamaran hull is designed by Incat and Revolution Design and will have a length of 99 m and carry over 1,000 passengers and 153 automobiles. Completion date of hull number 069 will be 2012 and construction is to be at the Incat Tasmanian yard at Prince of Wales Bay in Hobart.

The vessel is to be propelled by twin GE LM2500 gas turbines with dual fuel capability, driving Wärtsilä LJX 1720 waterjets with one turbine and jet per hull. The main fuel will be Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) with marine distillate as an alternative: changing over from one fuel to the other will be completely automatic. There are  two LNG fuel tanks which will be located above double bottomed diesel fuel tanks.   

The LM2500 design was originally introduced in the 1970's and has subsequently been improved and uprated since. The present LM2500 with a nominal power output of 25MW is widely used to power warships of many nations throughout the world and has also enjoyed a wide variety of commercial applications ranging from cruise ships to fast ferries for turboelectric and mechanical propulsion types.

The present LM2500 has an output of approximately 25MW
Credit: GE/MTU

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