First time diving trip of submarine „U35“

By Peter Pospiech at March 25, 2013 13:20
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Commissioning is planned after finalization of all deepwater tests beginning of next year.

Before sea-trials, the submarine “U35” for the German Navy, with Kiel shipyard ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) yard-number 398, has started with its diving tests. The, at HDW build boat had to complete a diving test. Heeling and trimtests have been done by the military boat crew. The 57 m long and around 1.450 to displacement boat has been positioned at a special place at the shipyard. This particular docking place is equipped with a much bigger water depth than the rest of Kiel port. The next tests are planned in the bay of Eckernförde. Commissioning is planned after all relevant tests and sea-trials at the beginning of 2014. To recognize the boat more easily during the extensive sea-trials the periscope has been bright red coloured. 

The Kiel based shipyard has, for the time being, four submarine new-builds on order. Besides the two boats “U35”, yard-number 398, and “U36”, yard-number 399, for the German Navy, are the two Israeli boats “Tanin” and “Rahav”. In addition to this also two boats for the Egyptian Navy are on order and a third submarine for the Israeli Navy as well.

The two German Navy submarines comprising the second batch are largely identical to the first two Class 212A vessels which are all equipped with the air independent fuel cell propulsion system.

To meet changes in operational scenarios and to take constant technological advances into account, a number of modifications, in comparison to the first batch, have been made:

• Integration of a communication system for Network Centric Warfare

• Installation of an integrated German Sonar and Command and Weapon Control System

• Replacement of the flank array sonar by a superficial lateral antenna

• Replacement of one periscope by an optronics mast

• Installation of a hoistable mast with towable antenna-bearing buoy to enable communication from the deep submerged submarine

• Integration of a lockout system for Special Operation Forces

• Tropicalisation to enable world-wide operations

Christening ceremony of submarine U35 of the German Navy

Image: courtesy of TKMS

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