From SWATH to SWASH -Further development at Abeking&Rasmussen

By Peter Pospiech at August 02, 2012 07:20
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Designers of Germany’s shipyard Abeking&Rasmussen made a further development of their very succesful SWATH-concept and named the result „SWASH®A&R” (Small Waterplane Area Single Hull): a 20m boat with only one of the proven hulls from the “SWATH®A&R”-line. In this the drive motor is placed. To give the “SWASH®A&R” more stability it receives two outriggers on each side, similar to a trimaran. With this further development starts a new chapter of the success story of the “SWATH@A&R” technology. These special ships with lengths of 25, 40, 50, and 60m are in worldwide service as pilot station ships, pilot tenders, wind farm tenders as well as private motor yachts. Meanwhile more than 25 of this up to 60m long double-hull form ships have been delivered or, for the time being, are under construction.

Now, the shipyard looks for new applications and a smaller variant for service at police, custom, pilots or offshore wind farms in coastal areas, as well as for private use will be build. At the same time further reductions regarding water resistance, drive power and combined thereby is fuel and CO2 in focus. Double hull ships with length of 20m A&R says will not be build. “It doesn’t figure anymore” says board member Karsten Fach. “It would be too heavy for this size. And not to forget: we will optimize the required safety and seaworthiness”.

The new development: SWASH®A&R type

“SWASH®A&R” ships exist so far only on paper. But results of computer simulations as well as extensive tests in the tow basin have been very promising according to Fach and they started to realize it. “We are convinced that this principle works”. This ship, with the serial number 6496, will be build for Abeking&Rasmussen’s own account. In autumn 2012 the first test trials will be conducted and interested parties can have a closer look at the finished boat.

“From principle the SWASH-type works as well as a SWATH-boat”, explains Karsten Fach. As opposed to the SWATH- ships the new development SWASH-boat features only one mono-hull - in this the complete propulsion technology with diesel engine, generator, gear-box, propeller shaft and thruster is located. Thus, more space for accommodation on the deck area, up to ten persons, is available. The lifting hull is placed appr. 3m under the water surface and is combined with the deck area via so called “struts”. “For us, the SWASH-development is a stabilized single-hull, were the lifting comes from the middle tube”, says Fach.

The complete technic and propulsion equipment is placed in the mono-hull


SWASH®A&R shortly before watering and extensive test trails done by shipyard Abeking&Rasmussen

image source: Shipyard Abeking&Rasmussen

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