GL publishes new Guidelines for Compliance with MLC 2006 Noise and Vibration Requirements

By Peter Pospiech at December 24, 2013 04:00
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The guidelines, which define quantitative assessment criteria and standardized measurement methodologies, came into force on 1 November 2013.   GL has published new guidelines for compliance with MLC 2006 Noise and Vibration Requirements.  The MLC 2006 sets minimum standards addressing the on-board working and living conditions of seafarers. These regulations are subject to the implementation into national laws. The title 3 of the MLC 2006 on ‘Accommodation, recreational facilities, food and catering’ addresses issues related to the construction and design of seafarer accommodation and the characteristics of the ambient environment which seafarers are exposed to during work, rest and recreation. These include some rather general requirements regarding noise and vibration.

Ear protection in the engine compartment is absolutely mandatory on board vessels

The MLC 2006 does not clearly define a measurement methodology and limit values for noise and vibration and leaves this up to the Flag States during their implementation of the Convention. However several Flag States did not determine quantitative ambient factors in their national legislation during their implementation of the MLC 2006 in this respect.  The objective of the guidelines is to provide ship owners and yards with an alternative basis for demonstrating compliance relating to noise and vibration and to ensure clearness regarding the compliance with the Convention by defining quantitative assessment criteria and standardized measurement methodologies. In addition it defines unified requirements and the related approval process for service suppliers performing noise and vibration measurements within the framework. Firms providing measurements which are used for the issuance of MLC 2006 Noise and Vibration Certificate of Compliance need an approval by GL.

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