Green by Design 'Emerald' – Bestway, Shanghai & LR Complete Project

By George Backwell at February 13, 2011 22:09
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'Emerald', a Midsize concept bulk carrier of 35,000 dwt, designed jointly by Bestway Marine Engineering Design of Shanghai and classification society Lloyds Register, bettered by 18% existing performance of standard bulk carriers as measured by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) 'Energy Efficient Design Index' (EEDI) according to the project leaders' announcement on 1, February 2011.

It may be helpful to explain briefly 'EEDI', since it provided base measure for the  'Emerald' design team's work, and an associated new regulatory development also seems worth mentioning here.

Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)

EEDI relates to efforts by IMO to limit global warming through pollution of the environment by marine engines, allowing a specific figure for an individual ship design to be calculated by means of a fairly complex formula. It is expressed in grams of CO2 per ship's capacity-mile, and a smaller EEDI value indicates a more energy-efficient ship design. The far more complex EEDI formula itself may be roughly simplified as: EEDI = CO2 Emission/Transport Work; broadly then, EEDI may be thought of as a ship's carbon dioxide output divided by its cargo-carrying capacity.

EEDI thus becomes an essential yardstick for future ship design, since in May last the Maritime Safety Committee of IMO adopted resolutions that will have international mandatory effect from 1, January 2012. These measures popularly known as, 'Goal-based Standards' are aimed to promote more efficient marine engines and best practices of merchant ship construction. In the words of an IMO spokesman following the resolution: "[It] means for the first time in its history, IMO will be setting worldwide standards for ship construction." It seems clear  that the Bestway-LR project was proactive in taking EEDI as a base parameter for the Emerald  design.

Bulk Carrier at Work: Photo credit – Danny Cornelissen

'Emerald' Design

The project was started in 2009 to research the commercial, functional and design feasibility of developing eco-friendly, economical Midsize bulk carriers, and according to Bestway has already provoked the interest of ship-owners both in Asia and Europe.

The new design was said to exceed targets in a number of key areas after extensive model testing.

  • Steel weight reduction of 12% was achieved against a target of 10%
  • Fuel consumption was reduced by 19.5%  against a target of 15%

Summing up the successful completion of the project, Prof. Liu Nan, Bestway Chairman and GM said: "This project demonstrated and strengthened the strong relationship between Lloyds Register and Bestway. It is an excellent example of effective co-operation between a local design company and a leading classification society."

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