Grontmij launched a new Handysize bulk carrier which is powered by MAN.

By Peter Pospiech at April 18, 2013 06:16
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SEAHORSE 41 – (41,000 DWT) is the new Handy size design and is based on same concept ideas as the famous and successful SEAHORSE 35 and 375, but with slightly enlarged dead weight. The vessel size in the Handy size segment has gradually increased from below 30,000 ton and with Grontmij latest SEAHORSE 41 design, deadweight exceeds 40,000 ton.
In the SEAHORSE 41, length overall has been maintained at 180m, while the breadth has been taken out from 30.0m to the present Panamax gauge of 32.26m, with the scantling draught set at 10.5m and hull depth increased from 14.7m to 15m.
The SEAHORSE 41 is designed to accommodate the new Green Engine Type from MAN Diesel, which is a MAN 5G50ME-B9.3 supplying 6.500 kW to the propeller. The new engine type has extremely long stroke, which in combination with the enlarged NPT propeller provides very high propulsion efficiency. These features combined with energy saving device from Becker Marine Mewis Duct result in very low fuel consumption. Becker Mewis Duct is presently the most effective energy saving device available. At design draught (37,000 DWT) and at 14.0 knots speed the fuel consumption is 19.9 ton per day (based on 15% sea margin and calorific value 42,700 kJ/kg). The EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) is 14.4 % below the IMO baseline, which proves the high efficiency of the vessel. The new ship design is laid out to operate two HFO and MDO grades, e.g. low sulphur fuel operations can be ensured in SECA areas and harbors.

SEAHORSE 41 is laid out with 5 flush double skinned cargo holds, wide hatches and no hopper tanktops, thereby ensuring easy access and storage of cargo in all cargo holds. Easy cargo hold cleaning and short turn-around time is achieved by the complete flush cargo holds and effective cargo hold cleaning by portable washing machines. Outlets of water and compressed air are arranged in all cargo holds at tanktop level. The washing water can be pumped to the washing water holding tank, ensuring that the cargo hold washing can be done alongside.
The SEAHORSE 41 is also available in a wide hatch version with no wing tanks.

Image: courtesy of Grontmij

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