Hybrid Rescue Launch

By Keith Henderson at October 18, 2011 08:01
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As the number of marine hybrid applications increases, a Dutch company Fast RSQ is offering an emission friendly and noiseless solution at low speed for operators of rescue vessels at sea or in harbours. Alongside their conventionally powered range of fast rescue craft and man overboard boats, the company offers a 22 ft (7.2 m) rescue craft with a hybrid propulsion system.

Caption: Fast RSQ 7.2 m hybrid rescue launch 
Image credit: Fast RSQ

The seawater resistant aluminum hulled boat has an LOA of 22 ft (7.2 m) and beam of 8.7 ft (2.65 m) and weighs 2.2 t empty with fuel and inventory: with a full load of 15 persons weighs approximately 3.4 tons. The Steyr Hybrid Propulsion system comprises a 6 cylinder 3.2 liter Steyr diesel with an output of  230 hp (170 kW) at 4,200 rpm powering an Alamarin 230 water jet. A maximum speed of 34 kn is available using the diesel engine with a three man crew.

On electric drive there is 7 kW of  continuous power with a peak power of 10 kW.: on electric power, the top speed is 6 kn. Depending on the battery package specified, the autonomy on electric power varies from 45 mins to four hours.

There are several operation modes to the hybrid system. The electric propulsion  motor can be used to start the diesel, making the conventional starter motor redundant. In generator mode the diesel engine charges the batteries using a powerful flywheel generator. In electric mode the diesel engine is disengaged and the electric motor supplies the full propulsion requirement. There is a boost mode whereby the high torque of the electric motor boosts the diesel engine output in the lower speed ranges. Control of the total hybrid system is effected by the fully automatic Steyr Control Center.

Caption: Steyr hybrid six cylinder diesel engine with hybrid parts shown in green.
Image credit: Steyr Motors GmbH


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