Improved combustion efficiency using Catalyst Injection System

By Keith Henderson at December 21, 2010 06:28
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The US based company EcoEmissions Systems, Inc, founded in 2008, with headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, has developed a patented system of reducing fuel consumption and emissions of diesel engines. The system can be fitted in a mattter of hours on new engines or retrofitted to an existing engine as the installation requires virtually no modifications.

The Catalyst Injection System (CIS) feeds an aerosol mist of an inert platinum based catalyst into the combustion chamber during the intake cycle. On the compression stroke as the temperature in the cylinder reaches 325 degC (620 degF) the catalyst becomes active and begins to break down the carbon particles (soot). As fuel is injected on the power stroke the presence of the catalyst produces more rapid ignition at a lower temperature creating a longer burning period during the power stroke. Combustion is more complete, producing more work resulting in increased power for greater fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

EcoEmissions claim that CIS can reduce diesel fuel costs by 8 to10 per cent  while cutting particulate matter by 30 to 40 per cent and hydrocarbon and NOx by more than 25 per cent. Further benefits are said to a cleaner running engine with less wear and a longer engine life.
In trials on board the small cruise vessel Endeavour (66 m), fuel savings of 9.3 per cent and a reduction in CO2 emissions were achieved. On an annual basis this represents a fuel cost saving in excess of $ 62,000. Trials on a larger cruise ship are scheduled for next year.

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