Incat Crowther 45m Crew Boat

By Keith Henderson at June 14, 2011 07:22
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Incat Crowther's USA office has developed a new design, to meet the specifications of the Petrobras P3-type crew boat for service in the Brazilian offshore oil fields.
The vessel’s design closer resembles that of a supply vessel with large 840 ft2 (78 m2) main cargo deck aft with capacity of 150 tons for supply transfers of cargoes. The main cabin has accommodation for 60 seated passengers with bar/food counter and large luggage racks. The ship normally has a crew of seven, but there is accommodation below decks with full modern quarters for ten persons.

The dimensions of the ship’s aluminium hull are LOA 148 ft (45 m), beam 27 ft (8.3 m) and draft 12.5 ft (3.8 m). Her own fuel tank capacity is 8,982 galls (34,000 liters)  and fresh water capacity is 1,638 galls ( 6,200 liters). As cargo, there are capacities of 27,000 galls (102,000 liter) for fuel  9,000 galls (34,000 liters) for freshwater. In addition there are large grey and black water tanks, as well as large lube oil and waste oil tanks.

Propulsion is provided by four Caterpillar C32 Acert diesel engines rated at 1,082 kW (1,450 hp) with diagonal offset  ZF 3050 reverse reduction transmissions driving Doen waterjets. Maximum speed is 32 kn with a cruising/ service speed of 25 kn. Dynamic positioning and harbor maneuvering are enhanced by a 200 hp tunnel bow thruster.  Electrical power is provided by two diesel generators each of 60 kW.

Caption: The Incat Crowther 45m Crew Boat is propelled by four Caterpillar C32 Acert diesel engines rated
at 1,082 kW (1,450 hp) driving Doen waterjets giving a maximum speed of 32 kn.

Image Credit: Incat Crowther

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