JadeWeserPort: Quay’s restaurationworks til the 1.000 meter-border by 25. July completed

By Peter Pospiech at July 26, 2012 09:50
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We remember: In 2005 the port authority of Jade-Weser-Port announced the opening of the only tide-independent deep-water-port, up to 16,5 m, in Germany for extra-large container ships will be end of 2009 beginning of 2010!
But lots of construction problems, particularly at the quay side, led to unexpected opening delay. Officials now are “sure” that the new container-terminal will now be opened by mid to end of September 2012! What a shame – where is the worldwide well-known engineering knowledge and precise planning of German construction companies?
Main reasons were up to 260 cracks in the quay-walls of a length of 650 m. These cracks have been repaired by the consortium JadeWeserPort during the last eight weeks. They placed about 707 ready-mixed concrete slabs in front of the cracked steel wall. These works have been done with the help of the multiplatform “Interocean” as well as two cable excavators with 180 respectively 90 to payload. The gap between the concrete wall and the damaged sheet piling has been filled with about 20.075 cubic meter under-water-concrete by three concrete pumps.
For Jörg Bode, state minister for economic affairs and transport, is this an important step forward on the way to the opening.
According to the consortium 178 employees, within the scope of the restaurationworks, were involved – hereof 83 divers, which worked in shift operation partly day and night during seven days a week. About the root cause for these wall damages still exist no final knowledge
But this is not the end of the story: it has not been cleared yet who will be held responsible for the damages and at the end: who pays?

707 concrete elements have been placed

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