LEMAG SEEAmag®- a valuable tool for KPI analysis

By Peter Pospiech at August 16, 2012 12:38
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With ever increasing pressures on operating costs it is vital to have exact knowledge of all relevant parameters readily available to be able to optimize these accordingly.

Hamburg based Lehmann & Michels has created a new cost control system called LEMAG SEEAmag® which is a modular system that can be combined to achieve a most cost-effective solution for ship owners. A return of investment can be achieved within 12 months, usually however within 6 months.  Fuel savings of over 1 million Euros per annum/vessel are possible, especially if the vessels are bunkering in areas that are not considered to be trustworthy!
The LEMAG SEEAmag ® measures, records and analyses key data to help the ship management and improve the vessels efficiency by enabling in depth analyses and fleet comparisons.

> Monitoring of all fuel oil consumption for M/E, A/E and Boiler split between MGO and HFO current, per trip etc.
> Effective control during bunkering optional using bunker flow-meters
> Permanent control of optimum trim LEMAG TRIMtrending® a self-learning system!
> Display of EEOI, incl. CO2 & SOx footprint

The control system can easily be integrated into a Ship’s Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP) to not only help optimize performance and reduce emissions, but also increase a vessel’s charterability.
The software is based on an universal platform and will be customized to each individual project based on vessel type, cargo, operation area etc.
All information are displayed in a clear and easy to use format and provides the user with various trend diagrams for set periods of time e.g. noon to noon or last voyage.
Furthermore the automatic reporting function and remote access possibility enable full transparency of the vessels efficiency to owners and managers without increasing the workload for the crew onboard. These analyses can prove to be vital in identifying wear and tear at an early stage.
To keep the installation work as minimal as possible, the company has implemented a LEMAG Central Computer. This Central PC collates all fuel relevant data (consumption and temperature) via CAN-BUS and collates also all other relevant data e.g. wind, waves, depth, log, GPS etc. via serial connections or the ship‘s LAN.
 All fuel consumption values are stored with the corresponding additional data. Furthermore the data can be filtered using draft, depth, speed, wind, wind direction etc, to enable detailed and valuable trend diagrams

LEMAG SEEAmag can also automatically import (to companies own server) and analyse the vessel’s daily reports and display the results in one of the following categories:
Green = Saved for trend analysis
Yellow= Message to superintendent
Red=Message to technical director


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