LEMAG’s fuel change-over system "CONTROLmag"

By Peter Pospiech at August 07, 2012 05:51
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Hamburg (Germany) based Lehmann&Michels GmbH announces a 100% reliable working fuel change-over system from HFO to DFO and vice versa.
No Change, No Entry
This is the Motto valid for all vessels passing all Emission Control Areas and it is a “MUST” to be applied on the date of 1st of January 2015, when the consumption of main and auxiliary machineries on heavy fuel oil must be changed to distillate fuel oil with a sulfur content less than 0.1 %. Currently, the change over from HFO to MGO is not done so frequently, except before entering Californian Waters and EU Ports.
To fulfill international legislation (CARB, IMO) it is necessary that vessels are able to change over from HFO to DFO (MGO/MDO). The difficulty during the change-over process is to ensure that the gradient of temperature change meets the requirements of the engine manufacturer. If the change-over process fails a vessel can run out of control due to lack of power and will have high spare part costs for repairs. This risk has to be reduced to a minimum for the safety of the crew, environment and vessel.
The new LEMAG CONTROLmag is designed to carry out the change-over process between heavy fuel oil and low sulfur fuel 100% automatically, reliable and safely. LEMAG's CONTROLmag also enables the operators to switch fuels running at full load, as sensors will detect if the fuel temperature changes too rapidly. The system will then freeze the position to protect the engine’s fuel injection system from a thermal shock and generate an alarm. For safety reasons the fuel change-over process can also be stopped manually. The LEMAG CONTROLmag is safe and simple to operate.


The LEMAG CONTROLmag fuel switch-over system

The LEMAG CONTROLmag ensures an absolutely linear change-over process to avoid any scuffing or blocked plunger and barrels or nozzles of the fuel injection system. Different tank levels can lead to substantial differences in fuel pressure that can be difficult for ball valves or other change-over systems to control. Tests have shown that only 4% movement of a lever of a 3-way valve can cause 90% change-over as shown in the following graph.

Technical risks during change-over

The system however controls the change-over process using an especially designed LEMAG valve with exchangeable orifice inserts. These inserts have special opening surfaces that cause a controlled pressure difference to be able to control the change-over and can be applied for all fuel systems.

The especially LEMAG designed valve with exchangeable orifice inserts

LEMAG’s CONTROLmag also has an extensive safeguard system integrated with over 50 alarm parameters, which also takes all necessary precautions against black-outs to ensure a safe fuel change-over process. The system is simple to install on both new builds and existing vessels and can handle different tank levels up to 25 m without additional MDO/MGO pumps.
Before shipment each system is pressure tested by Germanischer Lloyd.

Images source: LEMAG

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Good morning.
We have several vessels operating in fuel, and we want know more about your deice. How I can get more information?
Best Regards, Adrian Lopez

ADRIAN LOPEZ |     8/17/2012 8:34:08 AM #

Dear Adrian,
We will be exhibiting at the SMM in hall A1, booth 422 if you are in Hamburg this week.
Alternatively please jot me a line at sarah.barrett@lemag.de and I will send you some more information.
Best Regards,
Sarah Barrett

Sarah Barrett |     9/3/2012 6:14:14 AM #

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