LNG Diesel Electric Engines for Trail Blazer Dutch Waterway Tanker

By George Backwell at February 12, 2012 03:25
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A unique Netherlands waterway tanker – the first with diesel-electric propulsion powered entirely by LNG – will soon ply the busy 2,000 km commercial waterways that connect to Europe’s industrial hub and account for about 40% of all international freight movements in the Netherlands. The LNG Greenstream Tanker, fruit of two years R&D and negotiation with statutory authorities and consultants, is scheduled to be delivered from the Kampen yard of builders Peters Shipyards later this year. The 110 m LOA river and canal tanker represents a leap in faith by owners Interstream Barging, who are putting money on their bet that LNG will become the fuel of the future on Europe’s waterways; confident enough not to hedge the bet by going for a dual-fuel engine.

LNG Greenstream Tanker: Image credit Peters Shipyards

LNG Greenstream Tanker – Design

LNG bunker fuel stored in cyrogenic fuel tanks under approximately 2 bar at – 162ºC is carried on deck in order to keep the gas completely away from the tanker’s cargo zone, leading to a distinctive overall design with a wheelhouse (can be lowered to negotiate low bridges) unusually placed in the bows rather than aft in order to grant unobstructed ahead vision.

The 2,800 dwt inland waterway type 'C' Tanker will have six cargo tanks (cargo priority for mineral oils and chemicals) protected within a double hull design with a loaded draft of 3.45 m.

LNG Diesel Electrical Propulsion System

The LNG fuelled diesel-electric propulsion system has much to commend it for a vessel of this type, apart from vaunted exhaust gas emission reductions (elimination of SOx and soot particles, 80% NOx and 25% CO²) that may qualify operators to gain reward by hefty rebates in port taxes.

In addition, the diesel-electric configuration offers better fuel economy as output can to be adjusted to meet very different power demands; for instance during relatively long river transits, some with and some against a strong flow, or when negotiating tidal  locks.

The Government of the Netherlands consulted with the European Union’s ADN Safety Committee (which is concerned with  regulations for carriage of hazardous goods by the continent’s inland waterways) for a special mandate for this LNG, gas-oil free initiative, and the propulsion system and construction of the LNG Greenstream Tanker was one of several projects approved. Reportedly, three main LNG fuelled gensets and one harbour genset by MAN Rollo are to be installed.

LNG Genset by MAN Rollo: Image credit MAN Rollo





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