Launch of sixth Project 11356 Talwar Class frigate for Indian Navy.

By Keith Henderson at May 26, 2011 07:03
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This week saw the launch of the sixth Russian designed and built Project 11356 frigate destined for the Indian Navy. The first three were built at the St Petersburg Baltiysky Zavod shipyard, the last three at the Yantar shipyard in the enclave of Kaliningrad. The Yantar yard was established on the site of the Schichau Werft in 1945 in the former German city of Königsberg, Eastern Prussia. The city of Kaliningrad is the only Russian ice-free port on the Baltic Sea and enjoys the status of a Special Economic Zone.

Caption; Project 11356 frigate
Image credit: Zorya Mashproeket

The Project 11356, or Talwar Class frigate to use the Indian Navy designation, is designed for anti-submarine (ASW) and anti-ship duties with an air defence capability. The ship has a LOA of 125 m, beam of 15 m and a displacement of 4,000 tons: maximum range is given as 5,000 nm.

The Talwar Class features a COGAG propulsion system of four gas turbines mounted on isolated cradles to minimize hull contact, thereby substantially reducing radiated machinery noise to lower her acoustic signature. The Ukrainian enterprise Zorya Mashproekt designed and manufactured the M7N.1E propulsion plant. It comprises five gearboxes, two DS-71 and two DT-59 gas turbines located in two separate engine rooms. All four turbines feature Zorya’s unique direct reversing capability thereby eliminating the need of a reversing gearbox (noise and weight). Furthermore for ASW applications the ability to go rapidly from ahead to astern without shifting is beneficial.

Caption: Outer annular ring of reversed turbine blades provide the unique direct reversing capability of Zorya gas turbines
Image credit: Zorya Mashproeket

Two DS-71 gas-turbines are used for cruising providing a speed of 14 kn. Power output rating per turbine is 7,350 kW (9,850 hp) ahead, and 1,120 kW (1,500 hp) astern. Each turbine is connected to a RO63 two-speed gearbox and there is a R1063 cross-over gearbox allowing any one of the cruising engines to drive both propeller shafts.

A maximum speed of 32 kn is achieved with boost power from two DT-59 turbines, each rated at 16,550 kW (22,185 hp) ahead, 3,350 kW (4500 hp) running astern. Each turbine transmits its power though a RO58 single-speed reduction gearbox.

This sixth and last Talwar frigate is called INS Trikand (F50), is due for delivery next year.


Caption: COGAG propulsion type Zorya Mashproeket M7N.1E showing component parts.
Image credit: Zorya Mashproeket

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