MAN B&W G Series Expanded

By Keith Henderson at June 02, 2011 06:50
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Last October, MAN Diesel & Turbo SE introduced their new ultra-long stroke, slow speed, G-type two-stroke engine range with the 800 mm bore G80ME-C9 series.

Propulsion of tankers and bulkers until now have been using typically MAN B&W S-type super long stroke engines, with container ships favoring the higher engine speed K-type with shorter stroke.

G80-C9= 4.65:1 stroke/bore, 78 rpm
S80-C9 = 4.31:1 stroke/bore, 78 rpm
S80-C8 = 4.00:1 stroke/bore, 78 rpm
K80-C9 = 3.25:1 stroke/bore, 104 rpm

The constant search for greater efficiency points to ever larger propeller diameters turning at slower speeds. MAN have noticed this trend particularly with container ships, for example where an S90ME-C9 now replaces a K98ME engine with the same number of cylinders. MAN estimate that, with a stern section suitably designed for the larger propeller, fuel consumption saving of 4 to 7 per cent with similar CO2 reductions may be achieved. In addition the engine can achieve a higher thermal efficiency using the latest engine process parameters and design features.

In response to the increasing interest in these longer stroke engines with associated efficiency benefits, MAN Diesel & Turbo has decided to widen the G-type to cover other engine sizes, thereby offering the G-type benefits to other vessel sizes and types. The new MAN B&W series announced this week are the G70ME-C9, G60ME-C9 and G50ME-B9.

Two of the new G-type series, G80ME-C9 and G50ME-B9 are available with increased speed yet unchanged MEP, offering an extended area in the rating layout diagram (see specification tables below for details).

Final drawings for the structure, moving parts and fuel equipment of the first G-type – the G80ME-C9 – are scheduled for delivery by mid-2011 with piping and gallery drawings scheduled to follow in the latter part of 2011, depending on order dates.


Table credit: Worldmarine Ltd.


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