MAN introduce new super-long-stroke low-speed engines

By Keith Henderson at October 25, 2010 15:33
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A new series of super-long-stroke low-speed engines designated G type is announced by MAN Diesel &Turbo and represents their biggest development in the last ten years since the introduction of the ME electronic engine.

The first series offered is the G80ME-C9 with a bore of 800mm and stroke of 3,720 mm. The present longest stroke MAN engine with this bore, the S80ME-C9 has a stroke of 3,450 mm: therefore the new super long stroke G type represents an increase in stroke of 7.8 per cent. The engine power per cylinder is similar to the S80ME series with 4,510 kW/cyl versus 4,450 kW/cyl for the G80ME, however speed is considerably reduced from 78 to 68 rpm. Piston speeds are also reduced from 8.97 m/s to 8.43 m/s, however bmep is increase from 20 to 21 bar respectively. The G80ME-C9 will be offered in six, seven, eight and nine cylinder configurations.

The slower running engines offer the use of larger propeller diameters with the associated improved efficiency improvement. According to MAN Diesel & Turbo for the propulsion of tankers and bulk carriers, there is the possibility of adapting the design of the after part of the hull to accommodate even larger propellers thereby requiring engines of even lower speeds. Current estimates suggest that running the new designs offer potential fuel savings between four and seven per cent with a similar reduction in CO2 emissions.

Design work on the first G type is making good progress and final drawings are expected to be completed by mid 2011. Other G type series will follow in the future according to demand.

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