MTU 8000-Series Engine Installed at Tognum America Training Center

By George Backwell at April 06, 2013 00:01
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The largest marine diesel engine in MTU’s stable, the 11-ft high, 21-ft long four-stroke 8000-Series has just arrived at Tognum America’s Training Centre in Canton, Michigan, where it will be used for in-depth maintenance and repair courses. An expensive addition – why for?

The reason is that this engine (available in 16V and 20V configurations) has become increasingly popular in commercial marine and defence applications making it clear to Tognum that there was a need for an additon to their US hands-on training facility. Then, last year Tognum further increased the appeal of the engine, upping maximum output of the IMO MARPOL Tier 2 emission compliant 20-cylinder version from 9,100 kW to 10MW.

Littoral Combat Ship USS Independence: Photo credit USN

Engines of this type are being installed in the US Navy’s new class of frigate-sized 416-ft long 44-knot Littoral Combat Ships (LCS). In the Freedom-class LCS variant USS Independence a pair of 8000-Series engines provide power in a diesel and gas turbine (CODAG) main propulsion system combined with two GE LM2500  gas turbines to drive four water-jet pumps.

MTU 8000-Series Engine at Tognum North America Training Center: Photo credit Tognum

At the heart of the 20V 8000-Series success is proven performance coupled with state of the art technology that includes Common Rail Fuel Injection (CR). On this engine, unlike the smaller 4000 Series which has a rigid fuel accumulator (CR) for each row of cylinders, the 8000 Series engine has a separate accumulator for each cylinder located in the vicinity of the injector. This arrangement facilitates a smaller overall engine width and optimum progression of combustion, reducing the interplay between the injectors and the pressure fluctuations in the fuel pumps. By this means only two HP pumps are required to generate the substantial pressure and the necessary flow volume for the entire engine.

MTU 8000-Series CR Accummulator System: Image courtesy of Tognum

“The addition of the Series 8000 to the MTU Training Center enables us to offer Series 8000 training to Navy and Coast Guard personnel, as well as shipbuilders, here in the U.S. for the first time,” said Wolfgang Griener, senior manager, MTU Training Center. “Previously, such training was only available in Germany. Our new Series 8000 training courses will provide our North American customers with the information and hands-on experience they need to keep their equipment performing at optimal levels.”

Since mid-March 2013, Tognum AG has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Engine Holding GmbH, a joint venture of Daimler AG and Rolls-Royce Group plc.




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