Megayacht Designed for Dual Fuels

By Keith Henderson at March 29, 2012 06:57
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Italian builder Fincantieri, together with engine manufacturer Wärtsilä and designer Stefano Pastrovich have put forward a megayacht concept called X-Vintage, using the dual fuels of LNG and MGO.

Caption: The handsome lines of the 325 ft X-Vintage megayacht.
(Note: the mast in the stern belongs to one of the catamaran "toys")
Image credit: Fincantieri / Stefano Pastrovich

Looking towards the impending IMO Tier 3 regulation deadline of 2016 and the expected expansion of Emission Control Areas, the concept avoids the necessity of having to incorporate exhaust treatment equipment to ensure compliance with the forthcoming regulations. The availability of LNG refueling centers is numerous throughout the world with many further stations planned in the future.

The major obstacle in designing a megayacht to operate on dual fuel is the location of the voluminous gas storage tanks. If added as an afterthought rather than a fundamental part of the design, many compromises would be required, not to mention the very important item of pleasing appearance.

In the X-Vintage, the twin tanks are located forward of the “garage for toys” where the headroom, out of necessity to accommodate some of the toys, is greater than on the other decks.

The motoryacht has an LOA of 325 ft (99 m), beam of 51 ft (15.5 m) and draws 15.7 ft (4.8 m). A twin shaft electric propulsion system is specified with six Wärtsilä 6L20DF dual fuel generators each rated at 1,056 kW at 1,200 rpm. The choice of six smaller gensets provides redundancy and allows great flexibility in their operation at optimum efficiency.

The advantages of LNG operation not only reduces harmful exhaust emissions but is considerable less expensive in fuel costs. It is therefore to be expected that it will not be very long until LNG will become more widely used to fuel megayachts. To retain the possibility of MDO operation, the preference favors the dual fuel engine.

Caption: A phantom drawing of the X-Vintage megayacht showing the locations
of the LNG and diesel fuel tanks, propulsion system and exhaust.
Image credit: Wärtsilä Corp

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