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By Keith Henderson at March 22, 2011 10:43
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Sauter Carbon Offset Design recently introduced the superyacht Ark Angel with a design claiming to be faster and far greener than any megayacht in her class. The design aspires to achieve 50 to 100 per cent reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

The 78 m hull and decks are of Carbon/Kevlar composite construction, beam is 10 m and draft 2.4 m (at 50 per cent load): the superstructure is aluminum giving a displacement of 450 tons.

The total propulsive power of the ship is 4,000 kW, split between three electric pods with counter rotating propellers (CRP). A multi-mode solar hybrid propulsion arrangement offers flexibility in the choice of several power sources available to propel the vessel.

The main system uses four 400 kW diesel electric gensets powered by Daimler Bluetec Turbo Compound DD16 engines. The in-line six cylinder diesel engines displace 15.6 liters, and feature a Turbo Compound system whereby exhaust gases drive a velocity turbine to recover energy that would otherwise be lost.

BlueTec emission technology is a fully automatic system used for automotive applications to comply with the more stringent (than marine) emission regulations. It combines several technologies to keep emissions to a minimum, principally exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), diesel particulate filter (DPF), diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). The SCR requires urea as an activation fluid, the approximate dosage of 2 per cent of fuel consumption is metered from a separate supply tank.

A generous lithium-ion battery capacity of 3MWh permits propulsion solely on battery electric drive. Other than the main engines, electric power generation is by solar cells rated at 100kWh and Motion Damping Regeneration rated at up to 100kWh. Deploying the SkySail saves an equivalent of 300 to 400 kW of power.

Depending on the propulsion mode(s) used, Ark Angel has an unlimited zero carbon cruising range at 10 kn, is carbon neutral for 5,000 nm at 14 kn and a top speed of 28 kn achievable using battery power only.

Image credit: Drawing of the 78 m MY Ark Angel megayacht from Sauter Carbon Offset Design.

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