Naming ceremony of German Navy frigate “Baden-Württemberg”

By Peter Pospiech at December 17, 2013 06:40
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The  first  of  a  total  of  four  125  Class  frigates  for  the  German  Navy  has been christened  on Dec. 12, 2013, “Baden-Württemberg”  at  a  naming ceremony  by Gerlinde Kretschmann, wife of the Baden-Württemberg State Premier, at  the  Hamburg  site  of  ThyssenKrupp  Marine  Systems  –  a  company  of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions.  For TKMS this is an important milestone in the construction program for the F125 Class frigates. The delivery of this first frigate is scheduled for November 2016. The order for the four ships is worth around €2 billion in total.  
ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems heads the ARGE F125 consortium which was awarded the contract to build a total of four F125 Class ships for the German Navy in 2007. The ARGE F125 consortium also includes the Friedrich  Lürssen  shipyard  in  Bremen,  which  is  building  the  ships  in  cooperation  with  Blohm+Voss Shipyards in Hamburg.

F125 class frigate

The  four  125  Class  frigates  will  replace  the  German  Navy’s  eight  (Bremen  type)  122  Class  frigates.  The ships  were  developed  specially  for  current  and  future  deployment  scenarios  for  the  German  Navy.  In addition to  the  traditional  tasks  of  national  and  alliance  defense,  the  125  Class  frigates  are  designed  for conflict prevention, crisis management and intervention/stabilization operations in the international arena. The  ships  are  capable  of  remaining  at  sea  for  24  months  and  thus  represent  the  first  realization  of  the intensive  use  concept,  i.e.  significantly increased  availability  in  the  deployment  region.  This  capability  is supported  by  a  much  smaller  crew  and  a  two-crew  strategy  which  permits  a  complete  change  of  crew during deployment. 

The F125-class is officially classified as frigates but in size they are comparable to destroyers, since, with a displacement of around 7,100 tons, they will be the biggest class of frigates worldwide.
The frigates are fitted with a combined diesel electric and gas (CODLAG) electrical propulsion system with a 20MW General Electric LM 2500 gas turbine, four MTU 20V 4000 diesel engines providing 3,015 kW each (total 12,06 MW) and two Siemens electric motors providing 4,5 MW each (total 9MW), which gives the ship a max speed of 26 kn.

Image: PPM News Service

Graph: courtesy of TKMS


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