New LPG engine series from MAN

By Keith Henderson at February 01, 2011 05:30
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MAN Diesel & Turbo announce the introduction of a new series of duel fuel slow speed two stroke marine engines able to run on liquid gas fuels such as LPG. The engines are variants of their current ME engine series and cover the power range from the S35 ME B9 of 2.9 MW up to the 14 K98 ME7 of 87 MW. The new series will carry the designation ME-LGI and is developed from MAN’s existing ME-GI series. The control system for the ME-LGI series is based on experimental work carried out in the 1990's on existing gas plants and the development of a VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) engine in the late 1990s.

Performance of the ME-LGI engines is equivalent in terms of output, efficiency and  rpm to the present ME-C and ME-B series.

The LME-GI fuel system has less moving parts and has a greater tolerance to other fuel types. In addition to LPG fuels such as DME (DiMethyl Ether), which is a by product of the paper industry, may be used.

LPG does not require the extensive high pressure pumps and cooling equipment required by LNG, yet maintains the (LPG)  fuel in liquid state from tank to injector using standard,  equipment readily available from a large number of suppliers within the LPG industry.

LPG as fuel offers significant emission benefits  with regard to SOx and CO2 emissions and particulate matter. NOx emission reductions and Tier-III targets can also be achieved if LPG operation is combined with either an SCR or EGR system: LPG sulphur levels are naturally minimal.

Logistically, LPG is a widely available product with a mature infrastructure and the absence of cryogenic technology makes LPG handling systems less expensive compared with LNG.

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