New Marine Diesel Engines From Cummins EPA Tier 3 Certified

By George Backwell at December 01, 2012 04:00
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New marine diesel engines by Cummins are now available in its Quantum series, Tier 3 certified by the  US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). To sell an engine or vehicle within the United States manufacturers must demonstrate compliance with the Clean Air Act and all applicable EPA regulations. Hence Cummins has now upgraded its popular Tier 2 certified QSK19 and QSK60 engines to comply with the more stringent Tier 3 standard.

Marine Diesel Engine: Cummins QSK19: Photo credit Cummins

A Tier 3 engine requires 50% reduction in particulate matter and a 20% reduction in nitrogen oxides compared to Tier 2 standards, which Cummins achieved through the application of advanced combustion technology without any need for after-treatment of engine exhaust gas emissions.

The Tier 3-certified QSK19 and QSK60 feature the same premium base engine hardware and footprint as the existing MCRS product. Furthermore, the lubrication, cooling, air handling, fuel and exhaust systems are the same design as the current product ensuring minimum disruption for series-built vessels or replacement engines.

Cummins’s North America Marine Sales Manager, Scott Rath, explains: “With minimal changes to engine architecture, integrating the Tier 3 products into existing vessel designs is not difficult. Customers will continue to see world-class reliability, durability and performance from the next generation Quantum Series engines.”

The QSK19, with Tier 3 ratings from 660 to 750 hp, and the QSK60, with ratings between 2000 and 2700 hp, are ideally suited for high-hour demanding applications in a wide range of applications, including offshore support, towing, as well as ship’s service power and diesel electric applications.

General Specifications of the modified engines:

Cummins QSK19:

  • Configuration:In-line, 6 cylinder, 4 stroke diesel
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged/Aftercooled
  • Displacement:19 liters [1150 cu in]
  • Bore & Stroke: 159 x 159 mm [6.25 x 6.25 in]
  • Fuel System: Modular Common Rail (MCRS)

Cummins QSK 60:

  • Configuration: V-16 cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged/After-cooled
  • Displacement: 60 Liters [3672 cu in]
  • Bore & Stroke: 159 x 190 mm [6.25 x 7.48 in]
  • Fuel System: Modular Common Rail (MCRS)

Marine Diesel Engine: Cummins QSK60: Photo credit Cummins

The QSK engines’ Modular Common Rail (MCRS) fuel system features closed nozzle injectors and electronic control system allowing for speed stability at all load and speed conditions

Cummins will be launching its full Tier 3 product line from 6.7 to 60 liters at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans, LA, December 5-7 2012 when Cummins technical  experts will be on hand to discuss product features.





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