New Seatek V12 marine diesel engine

By Keith Henderson at November 06, 2010 13:50
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The Italian hi-performance marine diesel engine manufacturer Seatek was started in 1986 by the Offshore powerboat racing champion Dott Carlo Bonomi. He put together a team of engineers including the renowned Fabio Buzzi to design and manufacture a very light but strong high speed diesel engine that would win races.

The original engine was an in line six cylinder of 8.2 liter displacement. After many successful races, in 1989 their 9.1 liter engine was introduced and established itself as the most successful engine of its class wining races on both sides of the Atlantic.

In 1993 a 10.3 litre six cylinder engine was introduced to supercede the 9.1 litre engine. It was not long before military interest was awakened to the new engine and it quickly found applications with Navy Seals and SBS special forces. Since then the base engine has been produced in several versions ranging from 456 - 698 kW (620 - 950 mHP) according to endurance or maximum power requirements. The most powerful six cylinder is rated at 698 kW (950 mHP) at 3,200 rpm and has an electronic controlled sequential twin turbocharger. The 880CR, introduced last year produces 647 kW (880 mHP) at 3,100 and features a high pressure Heinzmann Common Rail electronic fuel injection system.

At last month’s Genoa Boat show Seatek’s long awaited V12 high speed diesel was unveiled. The cylinders are arranged with 90 deg between banks have the same bore and stroke of 127 x 135mm as the six cylinder models. The maximum power output is 1,103kW (1,500 mHP) at 2,800 rpm with a continuous rating of 993 kW (1,350 mHP) at 2,500rpm. Maximum torque is 4,500Nm and the specific fuel consumption is given as 210 g/kWh. Twin camshafts operate four valves per cylinder and a Bosch mechanical fuel injection pump is used. Dry weight is 1,650 kg and with gearbox is 2,150kg. The engine goes into production next year and will be available from June 2011.

A prototype of the new Seatek V12 marine diesel engine (credit: Seatek)

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