New Shipbuiling Contract for Cassens-Shipyard in Emden

German shipping company Norden-Frisia has ordered a new diesel-electric ferry which will be built at Cassens Werft in Emden. The delivery is expected in summer 2015. According to the shipping company the new build with a modified exhaust after treatment system from Kurre Abgastechnik and with a diesel particle filter. Norden-Frisia says that the power plant will reduce emissions by up to 90% and very fine particulates by up to 99%, “…with this we will have almost the same emission values like with a natural gas driven ferry”. Same like the FRISIA VIII, which was the first German island ferry awarded with the German environmentally quality certificate “Blue Angel Ship Design”, also the new build is planned to receive this award.
The vessel will be of identical dimensions to Norden-Frisia’s FRISIA IV, which features 70.7 m. It is planned to have the double ender’s Voith Schneider propellers in combinatory operation, a development which the owners said meant that surplus heat and LED lighting could also be utilized.
The planned rive concept looks like to be four Mitsubishi / AvK diesel generators and one MAN-LS emergency / port generator. The AvK generators will be driven by Mitsubishi Diesel type S6R2-T2-MPTK and the LS generator ny a MAN type D2866 LXE engine.
The new ferry of 325 tonnes and drawing 1.75 m, is designed to carry about 1.340 passengers and 60 cars and be ideal for the shallow waters between port of Norddeich and the offshore island of Norderney.  It will be built in accordance with EU-regulations and  for coasting trade on the sands.  The ship is fully air conditioned and fitted out with lounge,  restauration,  gallery  and  food lift.  The ship is designed for carrying cars and trucks with dangerous goods.  Due to the four Voith-Schneider  propulsion  plants  the  vessel  has best  manoeuvring   quality   at   all   weather conditions.  The hull  is  made  in  light-weight construction to fullfill the speed requirements of the shallow water seaway to the island.


graph source: Norden-Frisia

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