New X92 Model Added To Wärtsilä Low Speed Range

By Keith Henderson at April 26, 2012 07:57
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Wärtsilä today announced the addition of a new X92 model with 9,200 mm bore. It builds on the first models of the X-series, a X62 and a X72, that were introduced in May 2011, offering low speed electronically controlled common rail engines. The X-series features an extra long stroke with reduced engine revolutions allowing a higher efficiency larger diameter propeller to be used. It offers a high degree of flexibility to deliver lower fuel consumption, lower minimum running speeds and full control of exhaust emissions including smokeless operation throughout the full rpm range.

Caption: Cutaway of a 6X35 engine which is similar to the X40-series
image credit: Wärtsilä

The X92 series is aimed at the market for large and ultra-large container vessels with a size above 8,000 TEU up to to any size under construction and beyond. The number of cylinders has not yet been released but as an indication, the larger RT-flex 96C model extends up to 14 cylinder. The first 92 bore engine is planned for delivery in 2014.

The choice of 9,200 mm bore lies between the existing models of 8,400 mm and 9,600 mm bore
with cylinder outputs of 4200 kW and 5720 kW respectively. Power output figures have not yet been released but an estimation would give a value of around 5,200 kW per cylinder for the new engine.

In November 2011 the X-series was extended downwards with the addition of Wärtsilä X35 and Wärtsilä X40 models. These two cover the market for a wide variety of ship types, such as small bulk carriers and product tankers, general cargo vessels, reefers, feeder containerships, and small LPG carriers. The two mid-sized engines Wärtsilä X62 and Wärtsilä X72, are designed for vessels such as capesize bulk carriers, Panamax bulk carriers, Suezmax tankers and Panamax container vessels.

Caption: The first models of the X-series were the X62 and X72 series announced in 2011.
image credit: Wärtsilä

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I bless "Wärtsilä" for their new line and types of slow revolution engines.

Would like to know if they are able to supply Electric Power Plants based on that X62,X72,X92 Engines .

Yours Faithfully

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